Contractor Support Services

AmerCom continually provides Contractor Support Services for many complex structural and geotechnical designs for temporary construction to the largest construction firms in the State of New Jersey. AmerCom has successfully completed over forty projects for various contractors including:

  • Design of formwork, temporary shoring
  • Design of temporary bridges
  • Designing jacking operations for bridge bearing replacements
  • Design of crane picks/lifts
  • Determining pile hammer sizing
  • Designing cofferdams
  • Designing soldier piles and wall lagging
  • Designing Bridge Overhang Brackets (BOBs)
  • Designing catch/shield systems
  • Designing temporary road sheeting and retaining walls

AmerCom engineers are capable of designing the systems that are used during construction and our personnel are qualified inspectors during the installation. Our engineers understand that time is the critical element in providing Contractor Support Services quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality for successful completion.

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control process has been developed and updated over the years to assure that project work is carried out in a planned, controlled, and correct manner. AmerCom’s Quality Control Manual has received approval by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Some of the most recent projects that AmerCom has successfully contributed to include:

  • US Route 46 over Broad Street
  • US Route 9 over Main Street
  • US Route 46 under Main Avenue
  • NJ Route 3 at Passaic River
  • Rehabilitation of Court Street Bridge over Hackensack River

AmerCom will work with the Contractor to develop the most innovative use of available materials for a cost effective permanent or temporary structure within the specified work parameters and project constraints.